About Us

Here at Papa G’s we are a small family business that prides itself on quality over quantity. We are certified organic mushroom growers who focus on functional and gourment mushrooms.  Currently we produce Lion’s Mane, Turkeytail, Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Maitake and Oyster. We wild forage Morels, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Turkeytail, Shiitake, Chantrelles & Chicken of the woods in our 125 acre forest surrounding our 250 acre farm.   We also wild forage Chaga with our friends in Alaska.  

Not only are we certified Organic Mushroom growers but we are certified Organic Hemp and Vegetable growers that practice Korean natural farming. Korean natural farming (KNF) is a self-sufficient farming system that involves the culturing of indigenous microorganisms in place of inorganic fertilizers to produce fertile soil. KNF is a set of agricultural methods originating in Asia that date back hundreds of years. KNF practices are used to cultivate healthy plants without harmful pesticides or chemical inputs by creating a closed system that’s balanced with natural inputs from local environments. This is accomplished through the creation of fermented fertilizers and techniques that introduce indigenous microorganisms (IMOs) from the wild into a garden’s soil structure, which promotes hardy, robust plants. With KNF, virtually everything a healthy garden needs can be sourced from your surroundings.

We use mushroom compost, wood chips, leaves, comfrey, warm/cool season grasses and other natural debris to mix with several types of manure. In addition to that we mix in worm castings, peat moss and spent myciliated mushroom blocks to create our own composting soil. We then use this compost, manure and a few other ingredients to make our own fermented bacterial and fungal teas to feed back to the soil. This is what sets Papa Gs apart from all other growers. We use what is on our land to feed back to our land. We go above and beyond for our plants, mushrooms and our farmland. To express how much, we love our plants we feed each plant aloe water and coconut water mixed with our mineral water that we collect from the mineral springs on our property. Our plants aka green babies love the inputs and the care that we give each and every one of them. Our soil is treated in the same manner. We have what is called living soil. Living soil is often planting material that centers on compost and has an active microbiology and biodiversity, which can include worms and their castings, protozoa, healthy bacteria, amoebas, kelp extracts, mycorrhiza and even glacial rock dust. The soil we use in our greenhouses and our fields is full of life and our plants thrive in it!

We brew our own fungal and bacterial teas to feed to our plants. We are constantly working to optimize all our inputs in order to give each and every plant everything it needs. We pay attention to detail when it comes to our plants. If you learn to read the plants, they will tell you what they need. No matter if its nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus we can read the plants and know what they want and need at any given time. With conventional farming, farmers plant into soil that is basically infertile. Conventional farmers spray the ground and their plants with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This is a technique that both makes the plants they grow riddled with chemicals and pesticides that then are consumed by their customers. We don’t believe in this technique and go above and beyond to ensure every acre of land we own is never treated with any chemicals or pesticides. We are certified organic growers that are stewards to the land we live on and grow on. To aid in soil fertility we plant cover crops several times a year to help feed the soil with other plants.

We will never be the biggest producers of Mushrooms, Hemp or Veggies but we will always strive to be the best! By staying small and producing a limited amount of Mushrooms, Hemp and Veggies each season we can focus on quality over quantity. With most farmers they are more focused on producing hundreds of acres each season to capitalize on quantity over quality. We average 5-10 acres of high-grade organic craft products each season. Half of our crops are grown outside in open air and sunshine and the other half is grown in one of our three 30×100 greenhouses inside. By using our greenhouses, we are able to protect some of our crop from the weather and harsh early season elements. This also allows us to get a jump start on our season and go a few months later for late season crops. Once winter hits we then focus on indoor greenhouse growing so we can grow year-round. We are a small team of growers that focus on doing things by hand. We do use some machinery to help us prep the fields and a two-person water wheel to plant but when it comes to harvesting, we strictly do everything by hand. This means our product is never beaten up or mishandled by big machinery.

Here at Papa G’s Organic, we are the craft growers in the industry focusing on certified organic grown Mushrooms, Hemp & Veggies using sustainable farming practices. We focus on organic growing in an old-world way. Most other growers don’t attempt to do what we do because of the cost and added labor it requires but this is our way. If you value high quality organic products you consume then you will value what we do. We will never use chemicals, pesticides or any other inputs that are not certified organic or OMNI rated. You can trust if the label says Papa G’s Organic then it was cared for with nothing but love and passion. To learn more about what we do or the products we make please contact us at info@papagsorganic.com or on IG @papagsorganic. We are always here to help so reach out to learn how we can help you with all your Mushroom, Hemp & Vegetable needs.